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Earth Science and Modeling: Key Courses

Physical geography includes all aspects of the earth sciences. Listed below are courses that may be suitable for a concentration in some aspect(s) of physical geography.

Key Courses in the Undergraduate ESM Core

  • GEOL 3000 Geology of Texas
  • GEOL 3020 Historical Geology
  • GEOL 4630 Soils Geomorphology
  • GEOL 4710 Ecosystems
  • GEOL 4850 Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEOG 2110 Foundations of Geographic Research*
  • GEOG 2180 Geosystems, Environment and Society*
  • GEOG 3420 Applied Biogeography
  • GEOG 4240 Meteorology
  • GEOG 4250 Climatology
  • GEOG 4350 Geomorphology
  • GEOG 4750 Surface Water Hydrology
  • GEOG 4800 Geography Capstone*

*Required course for all undergraduate geography majors

Key Courses in the Graduate ESM Core

  • GEOG 5120 Research in Physical Geography
  • GEOG 5150 Water Resources Seminar
  • GEOG 5160 Foundations of Geographic Thought*
  • GEOG 5190 Advanced Quantitative Techniques*
  • GEOG 5240 Meteorology
  • GEOG 5250 Climatology
  • GEOG 5350 Geomorphology
  • GEOG 5400 Environmental Modeling
  • GEOG 5630 Soils Geomorphology
  • GEOG 5700 Global Environmental Change
  • GEOG 5750 Surface Water Hydrology
  • GEOG 5800 Research Design and Geographic Applications*
  • GEOG 5850 Groundwater Hydrology
  • GEOG 5960 Ecosystems: Structure, Function and Services
  • BIOL 5050 Foundations of Ecological Theory
  • BIOL 5100 Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BIOL 5260 Principles of Evolution

*Required course for all geography graduate students

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Students interested in the ESM core may also be interested in our other two core areas: Human Systems and the Environment and Environmental Archaeology.

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