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Bachelor's of Science in GIS + CS

Bachelor's of Science in Geographic Information Systems + Computer Science

See the GIS+CS curriculum here.

Cloud computing, big data, and Internet of Things (IoT) have dramatically impacted use of geospatial data. The GIS+CS degree at UNT addresses these needs by producing graduates who understand the complexities of geospatial data and are able to leverage computing techniques to convert such data into meaningful information. Watch industry and university experts discuss UNT GIS+CS here.

Elective Tracks: Information Technology and Computer Science.

Graduates of the program:

  • Can apply geographical perspectives to contextualize and interpret complex geospatial processes captured through data.
  • Have a sound understanding of computing principles.
  • Have experience in programming using various languages including C++ and Python.
  • Understand the complexities of using databases - a critical component of GIS.
  • Have taken specialized courses, such as remote sensing, enterprise GIS, computer networks, security, data mining, graphics, and artificial intelligence.

Graduates can expect to find jobs as GIS Engineers, GIS Analysts, GIS Solutions Engineers, and GIS Application Programmers. Such positions typically tend to be part of IT/GIS departments in federal/state/local governments, real estate, logistics, retail, defense, infrastructure, energy, among others.

Students are also eligible for the GIS Certificate (here).

Questions? Email Dr. Lu Liang at or Dr. Pinliang Dong at

This degree will be active in the fall 2021 UNT Undergraduate Course Catalog.

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