Joseph Oppong

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Dr. Oppong is a medical geographer with a geographic focus on Africa and North America.
His research interests include neighborhood characteristics and HIV/AIDS in Texas, geographic distribution of tuberculosis genotypes, and applications of GIS to understanding spatial patterns of disease and health.
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University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Ongoing research projects include climate and Buruli Ulcer in Africa, schistosomiasis in Ghana, urban slum health, and computational epidemiology – employing computer simulations to understand geographic patterns of disease spread.  Dr. Oppong teaches a variety of courses including Quantitative Methods in Geography, Medical Geography, and Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa.   Dr. Oppong advises graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests.  Recent theses include a GIS for UNT campus emergency disaster response, modeling Buruli Ulcer prevalence in Ghana, geographic patterns of tuberculosis among Hispanics, and Lyme disease in Texas.