Graduate Program

M.S. in Geography

The Department of Geography and the Environment offers a Master's of Science (M.S.) degree in geography. Our program provides students with the ability to apply geographic concepts and techniques to significant societal and environmental challenges.

Beyond a small number of required core courses (GEOG 5160, 5190/5185 and 5800), we do not confine our students to a rigid curriculum. Students work with their major professor to construct a degree plan emphasizing a particular theme or themes and to determine which courses they should take and when.

Students may pursue one of the suggested tracks below, or use one of these tracks as a guide to constructing their degree plan. Possible tracks of study include:

The department's faculty has expertise in additional areas that may serve as the core focus of a degree plan, including cultural ecology, ecosystem geography, and energy geography. Students may also complete an optional six credit hour minor. Generally, the six hours come from a single department outside of Geography and the Environment.

Ph.D. in Environmental Science

The Department of Geography and the Environment works closely with the Institute of Applied Science (IAS), which coordinates a Ph.D. in Environmental Science. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in geographical aspects of environmental science should consult a geography faculty member with similar research interests. In consultation with the IAS, this faculty member will identify suitable prerequisite coursework and help the student assemble an appropriate degree plan.