Graduate Program

M.S. in Applied Geography

The Department of Geography offers an M.S. degree in applied geography. This program provides our students with the ability to apply geographic concepts and techniques to find solutions for some of the most significant problems faced by society today.

Beyond a small number of required core courses (GEOG 5160, 5190, and 5800) we do not confine our students to a rigid curriculum. However, we do provide a small number of suggested tracks representing themes with good career and study opportunities. Each of the tracks below provide a coherent study plan for a given theme.

In consultation with their advisor, students may substitute courses for those currently listed under any of the above tracks. Alternatively, in consultation with their advisor, students may construct a degree plan outside of these tracks, emphasizing some other theme(s) in applied geography; for example, the department has additional expertise in cultural ecology; ecosystems geography and global environmental change; and globalization, development, and cities. All students must complete a six credit hour minor. Generally, the six hours come from a single department outside of Geography.

Ph.D. in Environmental Science

The Department of Geography works closely with the Institute of Applied Science (IAS) which coordinates a Ph.D. in Environmental Science. Students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in geographical aspects of environmental science should consult a geography faculty member with similar research interests. In consultation with the IAS, this faculty member will identify suitable prerequisite coursework and help the student assemble an appropriate degree plan.