Harry Williams

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ENV 210G
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Dr. Williams is a geomorphologist and paleotempestologist with a geographic focus on the DFW Metroplex and the Gulf of Mexico.
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Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

In particular, his research interests include studying hurricane sedimentation and geologic records of prehistoric hurricanes in areas bordering the Gulf of Mexico, geomorphic impacts of urbanization in the DFW Metroplex, coastal geomorphology, geomorphic impacts of sea-level rise and applications of GIS in geomorphological investigations. Recent projects include impacts of urbanization on White Rock Creek Dallas, storm surge sedimentation of Hurricane Rita in southwest Louisiana, GIS-based analysis of soil conditions and foundation repairs in the DFW Metroplex, storm surge sedimentation of Hurricane Ike in southeast Texas and shell-bed tempestites in the Chenier Plain of Louisiana. Dr. Williams teaches a variety of courses including Geomorphology, Applied GIS, Historical Geology, Cartography and Graphics and British Isles Field School. Dr. Williams advises graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests. Students may collaborate with Dr. Williams on his research projects or work with him to develop their own research ideas into thesis topics. Recent theses are on hydrological impacts of urbanization in Dallas County, GIS-based modeling of the effects of sea-level rise on the Trinity River delta, sediment erosion generated by natural gas well pad sites in Denton County and assessing shoreline erosion along the Gulf Intracoastal Water Way in Texas. Dr. Williams believes strongly in the value of fieldwork and encourages research projects with a fieldwork component.