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Sustainability Certificate

Sustainability concerns preserving planet Earth for future generations when referring to natural resource extraction, production, and consumption. Sustainability means capable of being maintained without exhausting or depleting natural resources through: 1) stewardship of natural resources; 2) economic responsibility; and 3) social and community well-being. The certificate prepares students in each area through required courses that cover global cultures and environments and electives from three course groups (15 credit hours of coursework, 9 of which must be at the 3000/4000 level). View the catalog description and requirements here. Questions? Contact Dr. Steve Wolverton.

Read more about careers in sustainability here.

Watch an Introductory Video here.


  • Earth Science (GEOG 1710)
  • Sustainability (GEOG 3200)

Select one course from each group

Natural Resources Conservation (choose 1)
  • GEOG 2180 Geosystems, Environment & Society
  • BIOL 2251 Biodiversity & Conservation of Animals
  • BIOL 3160 Conservation Biology
  • GEOG 3420 Applied Biogeography
  • GEOL 3010 Environmental Geology (new addition!)
  • GEOL 4710 Ecosystems
Economic Responsibility (choose 1)
  • ECON 3000 Current Economic Issues or ECON 4440 Economics of Natural Resources and Environment
  • GEOG 3010 Economic Geography
  • GEOG 4115 Our Energy Futures
  • GEOG 4245 Geography of International Development
Social & Community Well-being (choose 1)
  • ANTH 4400 Environmental Anthropology
  • GEOG 2170 Culture, Environment, & Society
  • GEOG 4420 Capitalism, Nature, and Climate Change
  • PHIL 4700 Environmental Ethics

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