Paul Hudak | Department of Geography and the Environment

Paul Hudak

Professor/Chairperson/ Undergrad Advisor
ENV 210D
Dr. Hudak is a physical geographer specializing in water resources and environmental geology. In particular, much of his recent research focuses on groundwater monitoring and remediation, wetland mitigation, and geologic hazards.

Greetings, and thanks for visiting my webpage! I am a physical geographer with many teaching and research interests, especially in water resources, groundwater monitoring and remediation, and environmental geology. Most of my studies involve interactions between humans and physical environments. I have been with the Department of Geography at UNT since 1992. Previously, I worked at environmental consulting firms specializing in soil and water pollution. My educational background includes a B.S. and M.S. in Geology from Allegheny College and Wright State University, respectively, and a Ph.D. in Geography, emphasis in water resources, from the University of California at Santa Barbara. In addition to teaching courses in physical geography and research methods, I enjoy advising students and involving them in my various research projects. My ongoing research features a variety of approaches, including field and laboratory methods, as well as computer modeling. Recently, my graduate students have completed a wide variety of projects, including: hydrology and plant growth in natural and constructed wetlands; effects of gas exploration and production on storm water runoff; irrigation practices in urban housing developments; water access in remote regions of developing countries; sustainable use of developed springs; environmental effects of proposed lake impoundments; groundwater pollution from various sources; using aquatic plants to remove contaminants from water; and environmental impacts of producing wind energy. In addition to maintaining an active research program, I serve on several professional editorial boards, advisory panels, and committees in physical geography and geology. For more details about my teaching, research, and service, please visit my UNT Faculty Profile or see my curriculum vitae.