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Geography Alumni Endowment Funding Drive!

Did You Know That There is a Geography Alumni Endowment Fund?

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The 2018 creation of the Geography Alumni Endowment at UNT reflects a commitment to the future of UNT Geography. Beyond a financial contribution, it symbolizes alumni gratitude for the Department, honoring faculty, staff, and fellow alumni who shaped our educational journeys and careers. The endowment serves as a tribute to transformative student experiences and encourages present and future scholars. By supporting current students, we aim to foster a legacy of excellence in Geography, promoting diversity, collaboration, and innovation in North Texas and beyond.

The vision is to unlock opportunities for future alumni achievements. While initiated by UNT Geography alumni, contributions from anyone signify a shared commitment to the success of future UNT Geography graduates. The founders believe in creating opportunities for students to pave the way for exceptional graduates contributing to the discipline and society at large.

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Reflection from one of the fund's founders, Josh Bova, MS

As a student in UNT's Department of Geography and the Environment, I actively sought diverse experiences to shape my career goals. Professors Dr. Lisa Nagaoka and Dr. Alexandra Ponette-González played a pivotal role, challenging and guiding me to success, leading to achievements like conference presentations and scholarships, sparking my passion for Geography.

The department facilitated valuable networking, helping me secure internships with nonprofits, municipalities, and private companies. These experiences helped me define my aspirations. Post-graduation, I pursued a master's in business geography, focusing on market planning, real estate, and demographic analysis with Dr. Murray Rice. This deepened my understanding of spatial dynamics, essential in real estate for trend analysis, location selection, and property value assessment. Studying local and regional variations at UNT, including demographics and environmental factors, provided insights vital for a career in the real estate profession. I gained knowledge of zoning laws, land use policies, and urban growth patterns, enhancing my ability to make sound investment decisions. Geography coursework honed transferable skills crucial for real estate, such as research design, data analysis, and critical thinking.

These experiences, coupled with departmental resources, fueled my passion for geographical studies. Armed with a strong knowledge base, I now apply these skills meaningfully in my career in business and real estate development. The department's holistic education approach equipped me with the tools for a successful career path.

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