Steve Wolverton | Department of Geography and the Environment

Steve Wolverton

Professor / Department Chair
ENV 210D
Dr. Wolverton is a historic ecologist and environmental archaeologist with a geographic focus on North and South America.
Research interests include studying paleoenvironments of North America, zooarchaeology in the American Southwest, the uses of zooarchaeological data in conservation biology, and the applications of analytical chemistry to the study of archaeological artifact residues.

Dr. Wolverton teaches a variety of courses including Research Design, Quantitative Methods in Geography, Zooarchaeology, Earth Science, and Historical Ecology. Dr. Wolverton advises graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests. Recent theses center on applied conservation aspects of archaeology and the intersection of historical ecology and environmental justice. Steve is currently Co-Editor of Contributions in Ethnobiology, a monograph series published through the Society of Ethnobiology where he recent published Becoming a Researcher: Making the Transition to Graduate School.