Reid Ferring | Department of Geography and the Environment

Reid Ferring

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Ferring is an archaeologist and geologist with geographic foci in Eurasia and the North American Great Plains. His research interests include investigation of Quaternary geology and paleoenvironments and also archaeological records of prehistoric hunter-gatherer populations.

He also maintains research interests in Clovis Paleoindian occupations of the Southern Plains and lithic technology. Dr. Ferring teaches a variety of courses including Physical Geology, Soils Geomorphology, Geology of Texas, Origins of Civilization, and regional archaeological surveys of the Old World and New World. He advises graduate students and supervises their research in their chosen areas as well as his research projects. Recent theses include studies of technological change among Archaic and Late Prehistoric populations in North Texas, geoarchaeology in Texas alluvial settings, and site formation processes at Aztec Ruins, New Mexico. He also works with students in the Environmental Sciences Program, including analysis of soils-vegetation relationships in the Trinity River Valley.