Feifei Pan | Department of Geography and the Environment

Feifei Pan

ENV 210E
Dr. Pan is a hydrologist with a focus on hydrological processes at the plot, hillslope, catchment, watershed, and basin scales.
Dr. Pan’s research centers on application of theories, numerical models, remote sensing, and GIS techniques to environmental studies, i.e., water resources, hydrology, meteorology, and climate.

Especially, he has focused on the five areas in recent years: 1) soil moisture dynamics, 2) surface water and groundwater interaction, 3) surface water quality modeling, 4) remote sensing and GIS, and 5) visualization and numerical modeling of vegetation dynamics and snow process. Dr. Pan teaches a variety of courses including Earth Science, Fluvial Geomorphology, Groundwater Hydrology, and Environmental Modeling. He advises undergraduate and graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests.