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Applied Geospatial Analytics

Note: this certificate is approved for the fall 2022 course catalog; thus only students who graduate in December 2022 or after are eligible.

Geospatial analytics provides the tools that enable the expanding field of Location Intelligence (LI). LI applies geographic thinking, visualization, and analytics to empower organizations to incorporate considerations of place and space in decision making. Studies show that 97% of companies believe location intelligence is crucial to their success, two-thirds of business executives use LI to gain a competitive edge, and more than half use it to create new market opportunities.

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Students who complete the certificate will gain an understanding of how location theory and data analytics can be leveraged to provide a strategic advantage within various domains including data science, the public sector, and non-profit organizations. The 12-credit hour certificate includes coursework in areas including business and retail geography, health and medical geography, exploratory data analysis, as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Required Courses

GEOG 4185 Statistical Research Methods in Geography
GEOG 4195 Geospatial Data Analytics and Visualization
GEOG 4230 Location Intelligence: Business GIS Concepts and Applications

One additional course from

GEOG 4220 Applied Retail Geography
GEOG 4580 GIS in Health
EADP 4050 Social Vulnerability in Disasters

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