Joseph Oppong | Department of Geography and the Environment

Joseph Oppong

Professor / Associate Dean Graduate School
ENV 310Q
Dr. Oppong is a medical geographer with a geographic focus on Africa and North America.
His research interests include neighborhood characteristics and HIV/AIDS in Texas, geographic distribution of tuberculosis genotypes, and applications of GIS to understanding spatial patterns of disease and health.

Ongoing research projects include climate and Buruli Ulcer in Africa, schistosomiasis in Ghana, urban slum health, and computational epidemiology - employing computer simulations to understand geographic patterns of disease spread. Dr. Oppong teaches a variety of courses including Quantitative Methods in Geography, Medical Geography, and Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Oppong advises graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests. Recent theses include a GIS for UNT campus emergency disaster response, modeling Buruli Ulcer prevalence in Ghana, geographic patterns of tuberculosis among Hispanics, and Lyme disease in Texas.