Alexandra Ponette-González | Department of Geography and the Environment

Alexandra Ponette-González

Associate Professor
ENV 210B
Dr. Ponette-González is a biophysical geographer specializing in human-atmosphere-biosphere interactions.
Her research examines the effects of global environmental change on atmospheric deposition (materials that enter ecosystems from the atmosphere) and terrestrial ecosystems.
Her work spans diverse ecosystems from tropical forest to urban, and advances understanding of the causes and ecosystem consequences of changing land use and atmospheric drivers.

Currently, she is investigating the influence of drought-induced dust on nutrient and pollutant inputs to ecosystems in Texas and the role of urban trees as 'natural' air filters.

Dr. Ponette-González teaches Earth Science, Ecosystems, and Geosystems, Environment and Society (beginning fall 2019). She seeks to broaden participation in and increase visibility of underrepresented groups in STEM fields.

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