Ecosystem Geography Lab

  1. What We Do

  2. We are interested in understanding the impacts of global environmental change (land-use change and climatic variability) on the structure (i.e., physiognomy and distribution) and function (i.e., water and nutrient cycling) of terrestrial ecosystems in spatially heterogeneous landscapes. We are especially interested in crossing traditional disciplinary boundaries to examine complex environmental problems.

  3. Where We Do It

  4. Our research has focused largely on tropical mountains in Latin America.  Mountains offer a natural (and beautiful) experimental setting to study the relationship between humans, ecosystems, and environmental heterogeneity. However, our research questions can be examined in any environment.  We are now conducting new research projects in arid and urban ecosystems in the State of Texas.

Department of Geography and the Environment

University of North Texas

  1. Contact Information        

  2. Dr. Alexandra Ponette-González

  3. Assistant Professor

  4. E-mail:

  5. Tel:  940-565-4012

  6. Fax: 940-369-7550

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