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Advance your career or research with an M.S. in Geography. Solve real-world problems by gaining the analytical skills you need.
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Get the skills you need to make a difference

With a Master's in Geography, you can work on significant societal and environmental challenges. You'll develop a foundation in the discipline of geography, and you'll acquire skills that will allow you to become an independent researcher or work in the private or public sector.

Create your own degree plan

Beyond a small number of required core courses, we don't limit you to a rigid curriculum. You'll work with your major professor to create a degree plan that focuses on what you care about.

You can pursue one of the suggested tracks below, or use one of these tracks as a guide to constructing your degree plan:

  • Applied Geomorphology
  • Applied GIS
  • Archaeology
  • Business Geography
  • Globalization, Development and Cities
  • Health and Medical Geography
  • Urban Environmental Management
  • Water Resources Management

Our faculty have expertise in additional areas that may serve as a focus of your degree plan, including cultural ecology, ecosystem geography, and energy geography.

Advance your professional or academic career

UNT offers 2 Master's of Science (M.S.) programs in geography: a professional program and a research program.

The research program will help you become an independent researcher by build a strong foundation in the discipline of geography in combination with teaching you how to do research.

The professional program is ideal for professionals seeking to refine their analytical skillsets for either private or public sector industries, such as business, non-governmental organizations, environmental management fields, planning organizations, and education.

Get your master's at an affordable price

In 2019, the estimated cost per semester is $3,764 for a full-time graduate student (9 credit hours) in Geography at UNT if you live in Texas. (If you live outside of Texas, it's $7,498.59.)

For 36 credit hours--which is the minimum required for your master's--that's comes out to around $15,000 total for your degree if you're a Texas resident.

Spring 2019: estimated cost of 9 credit hours
Tuition $2,050.11
Board-Authorized Tuition $450.00
Board-Designated Tuition $225.00
Mandatory Fees $944.07
Estimated Academic Fees & Differential Tuition $94.41
Total $3,763.59

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