Chetan Tiwari

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ENV 310H
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Dr. Tiwari is a medical geographer who specializes in the application of spatial analysis methods and geospatial technologies for understanding the spatio-temporal dynamics of disease outcomes.
Research interests include disease mapping, disease cluster analysis, environmental health, and computational geography.
Ph.D. from: 
University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa

Dr. Tiwari is also interested in the use of computational methods and web GIS technologies for constructing health surveillance systems. Dr. Tiwari teaches a variety of courses including Health GIS, Introduction to GIS Programming, and Location Allocation Modeling. Dr. Tiwari advises graduate student research in areas that correspond with his own research interests. Recent research projects include: A Methodology for Creating Age-Sex Adjusted Maps of Disease Incidence, Developing Automated Techniques for Locating Rural Residential Locations from Remote Sensing and GIS, and Constructing Geographic Areas in GIS for Cancer Data Analysis.