Alexandra Ponette-González

Assistant Professor
ENV 210B
Dr. Ponette-González is a biophysical geographer specializing in global environmental change and tropical terrestrial ecosystem dynamics, particularly in Latin America.
Her research examines the effects of land-use change and climatic variability on the water cycle, atmospheric deposition, and vegetation dynamics.

She is also interested in fog-vegetation interactions, air and water pollution, industrial agriculture, ecosystem services policy, and spatially-heterogeneous landscapes. Currently, she is investigating the influence of historical land use and climate change on woody plant encroachment above timberline in the northern Peruvian Andes. Dr. Ponette-González has a strong focus on empirical field studies and seeks highly motivated students with interests in biogeography, landscape ecology, ecosystem ecology, environmental science, conservation, and human-environment interactions. Beginning in Fall 2011, Dr. Ponette-González will begin teaching classes on Global Environmental Change, Ecosystem Services, Land-Use Change Impacts on Ecosystems, and Field Techniques. She seeks to increase diversity in science and is also interested collaborating with students from underrepresented groups and other countries.